Monday, May 11, 2009

Get ready !!!

Okay all things are back on track and better than ever !!

Here is the release schedule for the last of the lucha bears as well as the Bop Dragons.

5/16/09 - Three Remanding Lucha Bear 1 off customs will be ready and available for sale.

5/23/09 - ** Limited run of 10 special hand painted MVH, Evil Count Barnaby Lucha Bears will be ready and available for sale **

6/1/09 - Remanding run of Rumble Monster Bop Dragons will be ready and available for sale.

6/13/09 - Seven 1 off custom will be available and ready for sale.

All sales will be the same, sales start at 8 PM eastern time, and like before all you need to do is email me with your request, first come first served.

** Details of of the Lucha Bear special hand painted MVH production run **

These special 10 will be for sale here only !!

The Evil Count Barnaby proto has been fully painted and images will be ready for show tomorrow.

The colors are metallic purple, metallic blue, silver, black, white and hot pink and will also include a real leather cape !!

Thats all for today and please check back soon ^_^

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