Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bears in the air and dragon on the ground.

Hey everyone ^_^

First, to all who bought a lucha bear from last week, your bears are in the air and you will have them before the weekend !

Second, the last three 1 offs should be finished for the weekend if all goes well.

Third, on Saturday I will also post an image of the proto for the small run of 10 luchas hand painted by me. I'm so excited, the colors have been picked, I hope you all like.

Fourth, in less than 24 hours we will have a winner for the bop dragon run. This whole poll thing has been very fun to watch, its been neck and neck the entire time. I'm glad so many decided to vote, it really helps me to get you the version you really wanted. Once the voting is finished I will have them ready by the end of the month maybe sooner. Along the way I will also have 1 offs ready to join them.

For price the run will be $130.00 shipped in the US. Outside the US $135.00

The 1 off customs will be $150.00 shipped in the US. Outside the US $155.00

Also I made a mistake with run size, whoops. The run size will still be 15, but 12 will be for sale. And for the 1 offs there will be 5.

More info soon.

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