Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are you ready for Saturday ?

The last of the 4 Lucha Bear 1 offs are just about all finished up. All is set and ready to go for Saturday so mark your calendar !

I will be posting images of 2 today and 2 tomorrow.

So for today I would like you to meet ....

1.) Nacho Supreme !

Teal blue with red. Gold and silver highlights. Suede red cape with silver chain.

( Nacho Libre homage)

2.) El Diablo

Fluorescent red with dark red. Back ,metallic green and silver highlights. Black leather cape with silver chain.

Watch tomorrow of images of Sneaky Pete, and The Cinnamon Strangler !!

Full info will be posted on Saturday on how to score ^_^

1 comment:

zincsaucier442 said...

Hell Yeah I'm ready!!! LASH, amazing work!