Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some new customs

I have been back to the business of custom work and it feeeeeels great !

I had this Ojo siting around for a little bit now and have the idea to paint it this way. I was just waiting on all new paint to accomplish it.

The new pigments I bought are super strong with just a little bit of paint. So the layer can be ever so thin and produce a brilliant metallic.

Check him out :

The hair and boots are metallic red ^_^ !

The body is a mix of metallic blue, purple, and green with black details.

He came out awesome and looks pretty sinister in hand. Something I cant capture in a studio shot. In the case he looks like he is about to do something terrible to the RxH guys ^_^

He is for sale for $200.00 shipped in the US, just shoot me a email if your interested.

Next up ....

The Ryusei match up with Joe arms was a paint test. I was playing with him and the new paint. I think he came out great.

He is also for sale, but not as a custom, just pay for the cost of the base figure which was $60.00

Thanks for looking !

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