Thursday, January 29, 2009

BEMON inspiration !

Collecting toys is probably the biggest influence on how I paint. I see a release that looks so perfect that I need to see it in hand, and then usually it makes me want to paint. Instant inspiration on a steady basis.

As of late in the slew of releases I haven't found that 1 figure that has grabbed me. To many figures now are being masked and this is making toys look generic to me. I miss all the free paints with all the wild colors that is eastern toys is to me. That was until Mr. BEMON decided to revisit the mixed parts release. That's right a the second run of 120 different 1 off unpainted smog monsters in all different colored parts. At which personally I feel are way better than the first releases. Yes there is no paint, but YES the wild colors all over the place is amazing ! You don't need color applied when the base vinyl mixed up becomes the color.

This release also sparked my lust to finally go and start my hunt of painted and mixed part releases. So far so good as I have found 2 painted smog monsters and well as 2 great mixed part releases.

Thanks to a few good people I have been able to land some smog monsters for such great prices that I'm able to paint them !!!!

I LOVE it when things like this happen. A releases that I love , which inspires me. Along with being able to score the exact same figure to paint. Its the perfect combination for me !

So today I present you 1 of 4 BEMON smog monsters. This guy is the Candy Monster ^_^

This is what I think a bowl of jolly ranchers , nerds and all other assorted teeth destroying goodies would look like if they all melted together and than came alive to take more than just your teeth !

Check him out !

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