Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lets get this party started for 2013 !

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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore is back for 2013 and its going to be a hell of a year, are you ready ?

Its been a few months since the last MVH mailer and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you all for the love and support in 2012.  Last year was a blast and the best year yet for MVH, this year I hope to go even bigger and better. Many great new projects already planned and in the works for 2013. From amazing collaborations with some of today's most exciting sofubi makers to all new toy sculpts of new MVH characters, a completely fresh new website (coming very soon), this year is only going to be even better. It would be my pleasure to have all of you along for the ride again, and hope to be one of your favorite toy makers of the new year. Thank you all again so much for supporting my small toy company !!

! Now onto the Alien !

Last year I asked Skinner to give me a list of a few artist who he thought were up and coming and would be a good fit for a toy colab. Of all on the list Scarecrowoven was a stand out for this toy. His line style and gross out detail is just amazing.  I'm very happy to say he accepted the challenge and after you see the print I think you will agree he was the perfect fit.

I couldn't be happier to say this is the official 1st in the MVH artist print series.  The goal is to have a different artist from time to time take a MVH character and draw up an accompanying print to create a beautiful set. 

Please read specific details below on how to order both the Print and toy.

Thank you all again, and I aim to please so if you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to write me at any time.

"Alien chest burster" DX Sludge Demon lottery info

- Cast in a beautiful ivory bone color vinyl

- Painted in clear burgundy, with blood red, black, clear yellow with silver details.

-This is the debut and first time that the DX Sludge Head Sludge Demon is available painted !

Lottery Details :

- $110.00 plus shipping.

- Domestic Shipping will be a $10.00 flat fee from the east coast to
   the west sent priority USPS mail.

- International shipping will be $ 35.00 through EMS (Sorry prices have
   sky rocketed and I only use EMS for international shipping)

How to enter:

   Lottery Begins : Tuesday 12:00 AM  1/15/2013 EASTERN TIME
   Lottery Ends : Tuesday  11:59 PM 1/15/213 EASTERN TIME

Basically a 24 hour window.

All winners will be chosen and notified on Wednesday.

   Please send your entry to :

   In the title please write :" Hello my darling hello my baby "

   In the body please include :

   -If your a skullbrain member you SB name


 >>Please continue reading for special print info below to truly make this a print toy set.<<

Scarecrowoven Print info

- 18 x 24 print on heavy cream colored french paper.

- 7 color silkscreen including two shades of silver, red , black white gray and tan. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Now, this was going to be a set where you had to buy both. But, I didn't want to force people to get both if they only wanted one or the other.

So here is what I'm going to do.

If you win the lotto, and you would like to make this an official set, I will only charge you $25.00 for the print . Alone I will be listing these for $50.00 in the shop.

This was the best way I figured to get the best of both worlds and to give the best option possible.

As well, in order to avoid any over sells these will go live in the MVH web store 1/16/13

This is the 1st Mutant Vinyl Hardcore print and I'm very proud of it. Scarecrowoven is an amazing artist and was a blast to work with. I plan on doing much more work with my new found friend in the future.

On an unrelated note...

 I wanted to let you all know that the Sam Heinous figures are now all officially done and boxed up. They are being picked up this Monday and will be in the US collectors hands before the end of the week, international depends on your country. Thank you all again for the being so understanding of the issues with the vinyl and waiting for the re pulls. I think this release has stepped up the bar for MVH paint apps and I couldn't't be happier. If there are ANY issues once you all receive they please get in contact so I can rectify them ASAP.

Thank you
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